About Canadian Institute of Entrepreneurship - Asia Pacific

The Canadian Institute of Entrepreneurship (CIE) is a global provider of quality education in business based in Toronto, Canada. The institute enjoys many years experience with schools, colleges and university education. Serving thousands of business students and entrepreneurs, CIE has built top class learning reputation in various locations in North America and the Asia Pacific.

CIE bridges the gap between theory and practice, developing entrepreneurial culture, increasing CIE’s pool of business talent and improving the ability of these entrepreneurs to manage new and growing businesses. The Institute delivers a range of certificate, diploma and postgraduate modules, and customized training packages for a wide range of business owners and students.

CIE’s objective is to prepare your future career in intrapreneurship and entrepreneurship. CIE’s courses are designed based on the stages of entrepreneurial process from thinking about starting a business, through the start-up phase itself to issues in growing a business. Every course developed by CIE enables the student to:

  • Learn entrepreneurial concepts by practice
  • Experience the excitement and satisfaction of creating their own businesses
  • Manage the frustrations of starting up a business and uncertainties in the economy
  • Overcome every obstacle in the business and accept it as part of learning curve



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