CIE Education Programs

The main aim of CIE entrepreneurial courses is to provide participants with a thorough knowledge relevant to business-related areas and to develop their skills of analysing and solving business problems. The course will appeal to those who are keen to pursue a career in business and those who wish to improve their opportunities of career advancement.

CIE courses are designed for

Entrepreneurs, aspring business owners and all who want to equip themselves with management knowledge to deal effectively in the business environment.


The assessment is a combination of final examination and continuous assessment which may include group projects, case presentations, workshop and course work assignments. The specific assessment structure is determined by the instructors and the Programme Manager

Awarding of Qualification

The Diploma is awarded by the CIE. For the award of the diploma, students must

a. attend at least 80% of the face-to-face lecture sessions;
b. pass the relevant examinations;
c. complete the prescribed continuous assessment and satisfy the requirements.

A Diploma will be awarded to participants who have successfully completed all the course work, the graduation project and passed all the examination.


Exemption may be granted for a module if the applicant has successfully completed a course of equivalent content and standard at a recognized tertiary institution or through a professional examination. Exemptions may be granted up to a maximum of 2 modules and are at the discretion of CIE Asia Pacific. Exemption application should be made on the Application form and must be accompanied by supporting document at the time of application.


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