Entrepreneur Bootcamp for Kids


Entrepreneur Bootcamp for Kids® is a one week entrepreneurship camp that gives children the opportunity to develop and implement their entrepreneurial skills. The Entrepreneur Bootcamp for Kids® was developed to provide young people (ages 8-13) with an entrepreneurial experience using the activities and business simulation as a platform towards discovering their own personal qualities, characteristics and attitudes as an entrepreneur.

Objectives of the Bootcamp:

  1. Expose young people with a fun and exciting introduction to the world of entrepreneurship
  2. Train young people to actually start, run and close down a business in one day.
  3. Encourage young people to use their imaginations and "think outside the box".


  1. Activities
  2. Workshops
  3. Role playing
  4. Games

Bootcamp Agenda

Module 1: Building self confidence, generating business ideas and introducing the concept of business networking.

Module 2: Understanding various business costs that go into running a business and developing skills in problem solving, creativity, teamwork, organization, planning and communication.

Module 3: Understanding the concept of financial borrowing, selling and promoting products.

Module 4: Developing business strategy and decision-making abilities and making them responsible for loans they borrowed.

Module 5: Presentation of business plan and prototypes and discussion of experiences and learnings.


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