Family Business Management Courses

CIE Family business courses are designed to help families in business to maximize their organizations’ strengths and lessen their weak points. The different family business courses study the key issues of the business and offers wealth of information about family-owned companies. Some CIE courses offer weekend Programs in Family Business allows students to stay involved in their family businesses and at the same time as pursue this management program.

Courses on Family Business help families in business to identify their specific challenges, figure out workable strategies to accomplish their goals, resolve the existing conflicts and build plans for the family’s future.

Certificate in Family Business Management

This course will explore the challenges and opportunities facing individuals and families involved in business relationships. Topics include:

-Understanding Family-business culture

-Exploring entrepreneurial influences

-Managing key issues and conflicts

-Preparing for succession and strategic planning

-Using counseling and consulting

-Applying survival skills as a son or daughter in the family business.

Certificate in Family Business Essentials

This course uses case studies, lectures, and discussion to explore conflicts and problem solving challenges inherent in family businesses. The course will provide tools and concepts to build relationships and manage problem solving.

Certificate in Family Business Strategy

This course focuses on the following topics:

- Develop governance processes and plans for family firms.

-Apply financial, accounting, and management concepts in analyzing family firm performance.

- Review the roles of boards of advisors and effective participation in boards.

-Develop business strategies and make reinvestment decisions.

-Review and apply business valuation concepts.

-Review and update career plans.

Certificate in Family Business Strategic Planning

This course helps family businesses gain an understanding of the importance of strategic planning for your family business. Through this course you will learn how to incorporate the family and business perspectives in the creation of strategy and preparation of a Family Business Strategy to ensure there is a plan for your business in the future.


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