World-Class Retail Financial Training - Online

Responsible for training retailers?
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Have retailers or dealers who need to improve their financial management know-how?

Partner with The ROI. Deliver world class online financial training to your retailers or dealer network. And, get revenue-sharing for your organization (with no upfront costs!)

World-Class Retail Financial Training - Online

The Retail Owners Institute's dedicated eLearning Portal delivers cost-effective retail financial training, online, on demand, 24/7. 

There are 5 "eLearning Kits" to choose from:

  • Projecting Retail PROFITS
  • Projecting INVENTORY (Open-to-Buy) Plans
  • Projecting Retail CASH FLOW - Integrated!
  • 3-in-1 Kit Bundle (P&L + OTB + Cash Flow - Integrated!)
  • GMROI Inventory Productivity Kit

Each eLearning Kit includes an online explanatory retail financial how-to training course plus an "in the cloud" Executive Calculator for retailers. No additional charge!  More info here.

Start Now - Help Your Retailers + Revenue Sharing

Your retailers need this training NOW! Help them help themselves. (And remember, with the revenue sharing arrangement, there are no upfront costs for you. No need to wait.)

For details of how this program can work for you and your organization, just give us a call: 800.499.7531.  Or, contact us via email:

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