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Empower Yourself with Knowledge, Skills, and Support to Thrive in the Business World!

Embrace global perspectives, implement local solutions. CIE - Asia Pacific bridges cultures and business strategies for a truly global entrepreneurial experience.

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Unlock Opportunities, Overcome Challenges, and Achieve Your Entrepreneurial Goals!

Unlock your entrepreneurial potential with CIE - Asia Pacific. We provide the tools and knowledge to turn your ideas into successful ventures.

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From Idea Generation to Execution, We're Here to Fuel Your Entrepreneurial Journey!

Your journey starts here. Learn, grow, and succeed with CIE - Asia Pacific. Empowering entrepreneurs for a brighter future.

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Welcome to the Canadian Institute of Entrepreneurship - Asia Pacific

The Canadian Institute of Entrepreneurship (CIE®) is a global provider of quality education in business based in Toronto, Canada. The institute enjoys many years experience with schools, colleges and university education. Serving thousands of business students and entrepreneurs, CIE® has built top class learning reputation in various locations in North America and the Asia Pacific.

Why Choose the CIE®

Choosing the Canadian Institute of Entrepreneurship (CIE®) for your entrepreneurial education is a decision that opens doors to a world of opportunities and success. Gain a global perspective on entrepreneurship while honing skills specifically tailored to the local business landscape.

CIE® Education Programs

The main aim of CIE® entrepreneurial courses is to provide participants with a thorough knowledge relevant to business-related areas and to develop their skills of analyzing and solving business problems. It will appeal to those who are keen to pursue a career in business.

Why Entrepreneurship?

Entrepreneurship is the ability to identify opportunities, allocate resources, and create value. It is often through the identification of unmet needs or through the identification of opportunities for change. Entrepreneurship is the engine that fuels economic development both domestically and globally.

Get World-class Retail Financial Training - Online

The CIE® – Asia has partnered up with The Retail Owners Institute, top provider of Retail Financial Training online in America. 

The Retail Owners Institute® is a web-based resource at www.RetailOwner.com.  Now the “foremost self-help resource” on retail finance, The ROI® serves independent retailers worldwide, 24/7.  

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As a member of the Canadian Institute of Entrepreneurship (CIE®), you join a vibrant community dedicated to fostering entrepreneurship, innovation, and economic growth. Join CIE today and take your entrepreneurial journey to new heights!


At Canadian Institute of Entrepreneurship (CIE®), we believe that education is the key to unlocking entrepreneurial potential and driving innovation and economic growth. Join us in our mission to empower entrepreneurs through education!